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Skatey Balance Bike.

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You can cruise fast and easy on the road with the Skatey balance bike. The electric engineered balance bike goes forward by leaning and goes backward by shifting your weight backwards. Driving this ecofriendly unicycle is easy to learn, so you can cruise away with it almost immediately. Because of the powerful battery you can drive short but also very long distances up to 40 km. Driving this electric unicycle isn’t just easy, it is also a lot of fun! The balance bike is useful, fast, maneuverable and mobile. It can reach a top speed of 20 km per hour and is equipped with head and rear light. Because of the maximum climbing angle of 30 degrees, climbing hills isn’t a problem for the Skatey balance bike. Experience the great fun factor and improve your sense of balance.


Charge time: 7-8 hours

Max climbing angle: 30 degrees

Max load: 150 kg

Maximum distance: Around 40 km

Maximum speed: 20 km/h

Weight: 45 kg

Wheels: 17 inch vacuum

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Balance Bike

Balance Bike

Skatey Balance Bike.