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We have both: inline skates and roller skates who are back in full force. Both suitable for recreational purposes.

Our brands: Move, RioRoller, Fila


There are scooters for different objectives.
All scooters are of good quality but not all scooters are appropriate for each activity.
There are stunt scooters, recreation steps or folding steps, steps witch pneumatic tires and kickboards.

Brands: Slamm, Kickbike, Zycom, Space Vehicle, Hades, MGP, Globber, Move

If you have any questions about our models please contact us.


Boards come in many shapes and sizes and for different purposes.

When you ave questions about the differences, do not hesitate to contact us.

Excentric Wheels

Excentric Wheels are designed for those who love speed.
BMX Bounce skatey, HuffySlider

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Huffy SlidersSpark Fearless EnergyHuffy Sliders hit the twists and turns of downhill roads more than a decade ago, inspiring riders with the immediate connection between the trikes, curves and non-stop adrenaline rush.
225,00 € 250,00 €
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Skatey 800
699,00 €
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Fitch Fat Bike 250watt
2 795,00 €
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Rocket Skateboard 
49,00 €
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Rookie Rainbow Forever V2 White roller skates
65,00 €
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Rookie Rainbow Forever V2 Black roller skates
65,00 €
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Rookie Rainbow Forever V2 Pink roller skates
65,00 €
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Rookie AuthenticV2 rollerskates
100,00 €
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Rookie Classic White rollerskates
100,00 €
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